Questions & Answers

Q: Why can’t I just fill up my pool with my hose?

   A: Some people try to, but if you are on well-water your water hasn’t been treated and can take several days to fill your pool. Thus you will have to buy chemicals and you will have your well running for at least 3 to 4 days, which is a lot of stress on your well pump. In many cases, we have delivered to unfortunate circumstances where a water pump had burnt out completely. That’s too much of a risk if you ask me and the job is still… Not done. You now have to treat your water with chemicals and run your filter for the next several days until you can swim in it. What a hassle!

Best Answer: Ordering from Water King bulk water delivery. We’ll have your pool filled in hours, not days with treated water. You can let the kids jump right in while the hoses are running. It’s all part of the fun!

Q: Where does your water come from?

     A: Our water comes from local municipalities. We only purchase from municipalities that have established a record for clarity and quality water.

Q: How much does your water truck hold?

     A: Approximately 6,500 gallons of water at a time.

Q: Do you haul anything other than water in your water tanks?

     A: No, our tanks are for potable water only.

Q: How much does it cost to fill my pool?

     A: It depends on how much water you need, and how far you live from one of our verified municipalities. See our water calculator.

Q: Which days do you deliver?

     A: We deliver 7 days a week.

     B: 24 hours a day if necessary.

Q: Do I need to be home? I work during the week.

     A: No you don't have to be home. We will fill your pool any day while our customers are at work, but it could be a good reason to take the day off and have some fun in the sun!

Q: How do you get the water to my pool?

     A: We typically run 3-inch fire hose from the road to you pool being very cautious of flowerbeds, lawn ornament, and fences along the way.

Q: Is the water pressure going to damage my pool?

     A: No, we idle our pumps until there is 4 to 10 inches of water in the deep end of your pool. Then, we slowly turn our pumps up to prevent damage or filling too quickly.

Q: How can I pay?

     A: You can pay with cash or check or online. Cash is King. Ask about our cash discount.

Q: How do I get the cash discount if I’m not home?

     A: Leave the cash in an envelope in a secure place that has been pre-arranged and we will leave your receipt in the same place.

Q: Do you service pools?

     A: No, sorry but here’s a great list of services. Click Here

Q: Can I swim right after you fill my pool?

     A: Yes, many times families like to jump in and play under the hose while the pool is being filled. 

Q: Why won’t my water clear up?

     A: If you find yourself using more chemicals than normal you should consider changing your pool water. Chemicals that you have used to keep your pool clean can build up over time and cause your water to become cloudy.

Q: When should I schedule for water delivery?

     A: In the spring, calling ahead of time is a good idea but one week is usually good.

TIP: If you have a vinyl liner pool. Always have a water truck scheduled for same day delivery before emptying your pool. Your liner will shrink and possibly tear. When you are done with cleaning let the hose run until at least 4 inches of water is in your pool or our water delivery trucks arrive.

TIP 2: Plaster pools must have same day delivery as well or plaster may dry and crack.

Q: Are all bulk water delivery companies like yours?

     A: In some cases.

     B: But some other companies will cancel because they got a closer pool or don’t offer the same great quality, and automated services we do, and not all companies get water from the same quality places.